Tripp Family

Lydia Jane (Mulnoux) Tripp


Photo of Milo Tripp, brother of James Monroe Tripp
Photo of William Tripp, brother of James Monroe Tripp
(Photos from Mark Shoesmith)

Old Durkee & Tripp Photo Album

Thank You

Thank you to Alice Brady, Marva Hothan, and Edith Sumner for the help in collecting this information.

The source of most of the Tripp family information is the 1984 "Tripp History" compiled by Viletta (Tripp) Pincumbe, Hazel (Tripp) Wilson, Onalee (Pincumbe) McArthur, Donna C. Tripp, and Edith (Wilson) Sumner. With the help of many others, especially Marva (Tripp) Hothan.

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