Hair Weave Booklet
Scanned August 12, 2001

This booklet was found in Viletta (Tripp) Pincumbe's belongings. It probably belonged to her mother Edith (Durkee) Tripp. My comments below are in red.
Page 1

Zackeus K Tobey Hair

Of winning words and tender looks
My artless friend beware
Along the path of human life
Lurks many a fatal snare

Elizabeth (Wing) Tobey's Hair
Page 2
Left Side

Stephen and Zoeth Tobey's hair
Twin brothers that both died in 1846 at 26 years old.

To me not in mournful numbers
Life is but an empty dream
For the soul is not dead that slumbers
And things are not what they seem

Benjamin Tobey hair
Page 2
Right Side

Unidentified hair

Page 3
Left Side

Unidentified hair on left
May (or Mary) Clinton's Hair

Fear not Fear not thoug storms arise
And loud and darkness fill the skies
For other worlds whose lasting light
Forbids all storms in those region brite

Catherine L. Tobey's Hair
Page 3
Right Side

Aaron Wing's Hair
I believe Aaron Wing is Elizabeth (Wing) Tobey's father or brother.

Mary I C???? Hair
Clara D C???? Hair
I can't figure out Mary and Clara's last names.
Page 4

L ? Durkee's Hair
died Jan 13, 1877

I believe this is Lucy Marie (Clinton) Durkee, the date of death matches.
Page 5
Laura Spellmeyers

No hair, just a name.
Page 6
Ellen L Mills Hair