Pincumbe Family


Huron County, Michigan

Henry D. Pincumbe
Catherine "Katie" Graves

Huron County Michigan Home

Left to right:
Bert Pincumbe, Lavina (Pincumbe) Girard, unknown grandchild, unknown daughter, Henry Pincumbe (holding Bryon Girard), Catherine (Graves) Pincumbe

Descendants of Henry D. Pincumbe and Catherine Graves

John Pincomb's Obituary (Henry & Katie's son)

Katherine (Pincumbe) Harder's Obituary (Henry & Katie's daughter)

Henry Pincumbe

Henry's citizenship paper, small copy and large copy

Henry's Obituary - Huron County Tribune

I believe Henry Pincumbe's mother is Mary Peabody. Here are copies of the Canadian and U.S. census that I used to come to this conclusion. Pincumbe Census Information

1890 Plat Map Winsor Township, Huron County

Small version (65,621 bytes)

Full size (331,738 bytes)

Close up of Pincumbe, Grant, Graves, & Harder section



Girard and Harder

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