Possible Pincumbe Mayflower Ancestors

November 30, 2004

Descendants of Myles Standish Sources
1. Myles Standish (Mayflower) (b.1584-Isle of Man,England;d.3 Oct 1656-Duxbury,Plymouth Co.,Mass)
  spouse #1: Rose ??? (m.Bef 1620;d.29 Jan 1620/1621-Plymouth,Plymouth Co.,Mass) - No Children
  spouse #2: Barbara ??? (m.BET. JUL 1623 - 24 MAR 1623/24)
1. Mayflower Families Vol 14
2. Alexander Standish (b.Abt 1626-Plymouth,Mass;d.6 Jul 1702-Duxbury,Mass)
  sp: Sarah Alden (b.range 1630-1640;m.Aft 7 Mar 1655/1656;d.Bef 13 Jun 1688)
1. Mayflower Families Vol 14
3. Lora Standish (b.Abt 1660-Duxbury,Plymouth Co.,Mass;d.Aft 2 Aug 1725)
  sp: Abraham Samson (b.Abt 1658;m.Abt 1680;d.BET. 2 AUG 1725 - 4 SEP 1727-Plymouth Co,Mass)
1. Mayflower Families Vol 14
4. Sarah Samson (b.Abt 1700-Duxbury,Plymouth Co.,Mass;d.Aft 8 Jul 1757)
  sp: Joseph Samson (m.6 May 1719;d.Bef 26 Feb 1738/1739-Dartmouth,Bristol Co,Mass)
1. Mayflower Families Vol 14
5. Ruhamah "Ame" Samson (b.Jun 1735-Dartmouth,Bristol,Mass;d.6 Dec 1825-Butternuts,Otsego,NY)
  sp: Zaccheus Tobey (b.14 Jan 1734-D,Bristol,Mass;m.1 Dec 1756;d.3 Mar 1834-Otsego,NY)
1. Mayflower Families Vol 14
10. Mayflower Membership Papers
11. Gravestone Photograph
6. Zoeth Tobey (Deacon) (b.30 Dec 1758-Dartmouth,Bristol,Mass;d.21 Aug 1838-Plainwell,Mich)
  sp: Abigail Keen (b.22 Feb 1762-M,,Mass;m.12 Apr 1781;d.2 May 1844-Mich)
1. Mayflower Families Vol 14
7. Gravestone Photos
10. Mayflower Membership Papers
7. Zacheus K. Tobey (b.30 Jan 1794;d.21 Nov 1841-Charleston,Kalamazoo Co,Mich)
  sp: Elizabeth Wing (b.16 Oct 1793; d.17 Sep 1868)
4. Rose Clinton's Letters
6. The Wing Family
8. Gravestone Photo
10. Mayflower Membership Papers
8. Deborah W. Tobey (b.12 Jan 1818-Butternut,New York;d.1 Sep 1846-Battle Creek,Mich)
  sp: Eli Clinton (b.25 Jun 1811-Colebrook,Connecticut;m.22 May 1838;d.1 Aug 1892-Hobart,Ind)
2. Viletta Pincumbe's notes
4. Rose Clinton's Letters
9. Gravestone Photo
9. Lucy Marie Clinton (b.10 Apr 1840-Galesburg,Mich;d.13 Jan 1877-Pontiac,Ill)
  sp: Eugene Orlando Durkee (b.20 Aug 1833-Erie,Pennsylvania;m.2 Jul 1859;d.3 Aug 1917-)
2. Viletta Pincumbe's notes
5. Durkee Society
Eugene Durkee & Lucy Clinton Marriage Certificate
Eugene Durkee's Death Certificate
10. Edith Elnora Durkee (b.28 May 1863-Albion,Calhoun Co,Mich;d.5 Sep 1949-Oxford,Mich)
  sp: Lora Eugene Tripp (b.19 Jun 1857-Lemont,Ill;m.24 Dec 1882;d.23 May 1917-)
2. Viletta Pincumbe's notes
Lora Tripp & Edith Durkee Marriage Certificate
Edith (Durkee) Tripp's Death Certificate
Lora E. Tripp's Death Certificate
11. Viletta Evangeline Tripp (b.18 May 1904-Bellaire,Mich;d.4 Mar 1981-Troy,Mich)
  sp: Leon Theodore Pincumbe (b.13 Sep 1902-S,Mich;m.24 Jul 1926;d.21 Mar 1966)
2. Viletta Pincumbe's notes
Affidavit by Charles Boies
Affidavit by Minnie Boies
Viletta (Tripp) Pincumbe's Death Certificate

Source Notes

1. Compiled by Russel S. Warner, "Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: Volume Fourteen, Myles Standish", (Plymouth, MA: General Society of Mayflower Descendents, 1997).

2. Viletta (Tripp) Pincumbe's family history notes.

3. Tripp Family History

4. Two letters written by Rosa (Clinton) Ogren to Maud (Miller) Buckingham on 1 Nov 1920 and 22 Jan 1921.

5. Durkee Society Family Group Sheets for Eugene Orlando Durkee.

6. The Wing Family of America Incorporated, "The Owl, Vol 18 No 1", (December 1916), pages 1697 and 1878

7. Zoeth and Abigail Tobey Tombstone Photographs. They are buried near their son, Zacheus K. Tobey and grand daughter, Deborah (Tobey) Clinton.

8. Zacheus K. Tobey Tombstone Photograph. He is burried near his father, Zoeth Tobey and daughter, Deborah (Tobey) Clinton.

9. Deborah (Tobey) Clinton's gravestone Photograph. She is burried next to her parents. Her stone has "wife of ELI CLINTON. a daughter of Z.K. & E. TOBEY"

10. W 8829 Mayflower Membership papers listing Tobey births and deaths.

11. Zaccheus and Ruhamah Tobey's Tombstone Photograph. On their farm near Morris, New York.

Misc: www.RootsWeb.com - I found one person that has generations 1 through 8. She even has the fact that Deborah Tobey married Eli Clinton and died when she was 28 years old. Eli then married her sister Catherine Tobey. This is also in Viletta (Tripp) Pincumbe's notes.

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