Harder Family

Michael Harder

Michael Harder maybe related to Adam Harder. Could be his father or a brother.
More research needs to be done to prove it.

Land Petitions and Receipts

Adam Harder

Database Record for Adam Harder

Descendants of Adam Harder with Lucy Westover and Catherine Graves

18 May 1818 Petition for land in Rainham Twp, Haldimand Co, Ontario
States that he served in the War of 1812, Flank Company of the 2nd Lincoln Militia Vols, in the Sedentary Militia

Letters Written by Adam Harder in 1862 and 1863

Sarah Harder

Database Record for Sarah Harder

Katherine (Pincumbe) Harder's Obituary
(Henry & Katie Pincumbe's daughter)

Thank You

Thanks to Dennis Horton for information on the descendants of Adam Harder.

Thanks to Robert and Dianne (Harder) Brenner for Harder family information.
(Adam's letters , Adam's and Michael's land petitions, etc.)

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