French War and Indian War
1754 to 1763

Philbrick Colby (b:16 Mar 1735; d:1784-1790) of Haverhill served under Captain Samuel Gerrish of Newbury in the French War, from 15 September 1755 to 17 December 1755. His name appears on the muster roll of men raised in 1756 for the expedition to Crown Point in Colonel Saltonstall's regiment, 14 April 1756, and on a return of Captain James Richardson's Company on 5 May 1756. Also as "blacksmith" on the muster roll of Captain Timothy Perkins's company at Ford Edward, 26 July 1756, and again on the muster roll of Captain Samuel George's company from 15 March 1757 to 5 December 1757.

Revolutionary War in America
April 19, 1775 to September 3, 1783

Philbrick served as private in Captain Daniel Hill's company, Colonel Samuel Johnson's regiment, which marched to Cambridge on the Alarm of 19 April 1775, four days service. Philbrick Colby and his family moved from Haverhill, Massachusetts, to Weare, New Hampshire, after he had served two enlistments in the Revolutionary War. His wife Susannah Bradley was admitted to the First Church in Haverhill, 2 August 1768.

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The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 22, page 238
Miss Cora I. Mckellips.
DAR ID Number: 21658
Born in Weare, New Hampshire.
Descendant of Abner Hoyt, Philbrick COLBY, Moses Hunt and David McKellips.
Daughter of Harvey J. McKellips and Ella V. George, his wife.
Granddaughter of Silas McKellips and Mary Johnson, his wife; Jesse George and Harriet Keniston (Kinson), his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of Stephen McKellips and Judith Peaslee, his wife; Jedediah Johnson and Miriam Hunt, his wife; Nathan George and Betsey Hoyt, his wife; Joseph Keniston and Sally COLBY, his wife.
Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of David McKellips and Mary Terrell, his wife; Moses Hunt and Mary Peaslee, his wife; Abner Hoyt, Jr., and Joanna Craft, his first wife; Philbrick COLBY and Ruth Lufkin, his wife.
Philbrick COLBY, of Haverhill, is among the list at Weare, N. H., who served in the Revolution.
Moses Hunt served as a fifer in the Rockingham county, New Hampshire militia.
David McKellips, (1739-1836), was a private under Col. Seth Warner with the Green Mountain Boys at Bennington. He served several years, was wounded and received a pension. His name is found in the memorial building at Weare, N. H.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 58 page 67
Mrs. Abbie J. Meader Wells
DAR ID Number: 57199
Born in New Haven, Vt.
Descendant of Philbrick Colby.
Daughter of Nathan Meader and Jennie L. Sterling, his 2nd wife.
Granddaughter of Elijah Meader and Abigail Colby, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Joseph Colby and Lydia Gove, his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Philbrick Colby and Ruth Lufkin, his wife.
Philbrick Colby, of Haverhill, responded to the Lexington Alarm as a private in Capt. David Hill's company, Colonel Johnson's regiment.