King Philip's War

John Colby was born November 19, 1656 and he took the oath of allegiance and fidelity in December of 1677. He was a soldier in King Philip's War, at the Falls Fight under Capt. William Turner, 18 May 1676. He was a Sergeant of the Amesbury train band, 1680. He died 6 Apr 1717. Administration on the estate of John Colby was granted to his only surviving son, Joseph Colby on 21 April 1719.

King Philip's War was a New England war that began in 1675. King Philip, whose Native American name is Metacomet. He was chief of the Wampanoags and a brilliant soldier. He led attacks against several frontier towns in Massachusetts. But Metacomet was killed in 1676, and his people were sold as slaves.

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